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Agro-Tour Farm ,,Ziołowy Dzbanek” („Herbal Pot”)

Address: Sapy 20, 14-420 Młynary

Tel. +48 666 111 181/+48 666 047 931


The agro-tour farm „Ziołowy Dzbanek”, owned by Ewa and Waldemar Nisiewicz, is located on the outskirts of a theme village “Sąby – Babia Dolina” (“Sąpy – Woman / Witch Valley”). This is the place where you can logde in one of 5 thematic suites: lavender, poppy, cornflower, flax, or calendula. Each of the rooms indicates – with the choice of decorations and ornaments – the herbs used in their names. All the rooms have en-suit bathrooms. Guests have access to two fully equipped kitchens. There is also all-inclusive offer available, where all the meals are included. Within the Farm, you can visit the Herbal Cottage, the Pottery Shed, the herbal garden, the lavender corner, and the mini-zoo.

In 2017 the Agro-Tour Farm “Ziołowy Dzbanek” was nominated by the Polish Rural Tourism Federation, winning three suns (the highest category) as countryside accommodation. The price list is available on “Ziołowy Dzbanek” also offers numerous workshops in its Education Farm: herbal, pottery, cookery and agriculture training.


















Agro-Tour Farm Sokolnik

Address: Sokolnik 7a, 14-420 Młynary

tel. 600 977 643/504 092 962

Sokolnik is located on the verge of the Elbląg Upland Landscape Park, in the Municipality of Młynary. It is surrounded by beautiful forests, meadows, and gorges. The wedding reception house is a popular venue for wedding receptions, christening or first communion parties, as well as other celebrations and events. You can find peace and relax on the bosom of nature, or practice sports, for example horse riding. The Trakehner Horses Stables in Sokolnik is one of the largest breeding place of this breed in Poland. The offer includes: accommodation in 2- or 5-persons rooms with en suite bathrooms or showers, canteen, and a horse boarding stable. There are  two training fields with cross or an indoor riding area with paddocks. It is also possible to camp in tent within the premises.
















Agro-Tour Farm „At Peter and Paul’s”

Address: Konarskiego 5, 14-420 Młynary

tel. 606 833 734

„At Peter and Paul’s” offers fantastic conditions to hold wedding receptions, first communion parties, banquets, business meetings, presentations and conferences. The banquet hall can hold around 150 people. A spacious car park is available. The building is air-conditioned.


Agro-Tour Farm FIDA

Address: Stare Monasterzysko 18, Młynary 14, 14-420 Młynary
tel. 502 602 949

The farm was built in 2015, on the Elbląg Upland, surrounded by picturesque forests, ponds, and rivers. The farm offers: a swimming pool 1,3m deep, terrace with sunbeds and umbrellas, Finnish sauna, training net for golf, badminton playing field, bikes for adults and children, playground, fishing pond, as well as bonfires and barbecues spot.












Agro-Tour Farm “Zielona Dolina” (“The Green Valley”)

Addreds: Bronikowo 5, 14-420 Bronikowo

tel. 605 033 541

The farm is located on the outskirts of the town Młynary. It is a perfect venue for relaxing far away from the big city rush and noise. The farm includes two fishing ponds with the total area of 3.5 ha. Accommodation available in 2-, 3-, or 4-persons bedrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with a TV, a bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchenette. All the visitors can use a shed, a bonfire place, a volleyball field, and a playground with the sandpit.









Catering service

Grzegorz Smolarek ,,Deja Vu”
14-420 Młynary, Styczniowa 5

55 248 80 23


Barbara Sadkowska ,,Minibar”
14-420 Młynary, Mierosławskiego 1

55 248 60 45


Periodic regional and nationwide events:

  • Nationwide Festival of Minorities’ Culture „Integracje” (June)
  •  International Sculpture and Painting Open Air Event „Bliżej Natury” („Closer to Nature”) (July)
  • Communal Harvest Festival (September)

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